Pam Scheppele & Natalie Nadeau Earn Designations

Presque Isle and Bangor, ME – The Bangor and Presque Isle-based financial services firm of Thompson-Hamel, LLC is pleased to announce Pam Scheppele and Natalie Nadeau have earned professional designations that will allow them to provide added services to Thompson-Hamel’s client base. Pam Scheppele has earned the Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) designation from the … Read More

Why You Need a Will, Even If You’re Not a Prince

The unexpected death of famed musician Prince in April 2016 put the importance of a will in the national spotlight. Prince, who apparently died intestate, without a legal will, left an estate worth an estimated $150 million – $300 million. Those assets’ disposition will now be up to the state of Minnesota and may take … Read More

Is 70 the New 65? Why Americans Are Working Longer…

Age 65 has long been considered the traditional retirement age, and not coincidentally is also the age of Medicare eligibility. According to recent statistics, the percentage of Americans 65 and older who are still in the labor force has risen to nearly 20%, the highest level since before Medicare was established in 1965 (1). More … Read More

A Guide on the Road to Retirement

The title of the Beatles’ song “The Long and Winding Road” could apply to the journey toward a comfortable retirement. For those who have the foresight to start preparing in their 20s, the journey could take 40 years or more. Even those who procrastinate might have 20 or 30 years to prepare. No matter how … Read More

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