Timekeeping Access
Anytime, Anywhere

Timekeeping Access
Anytime, Anywhere

Time is Money. Timekeeping Access Anytime, Anywhere.

Timekeeping can increase productivity and save time. Automate your timesheets today. Our platform simplifies tracking so you can spend less time processing payroll. As your employees log information on their phones or computers, you’ll eliminate messy timesheets by dumping workforce data directly into your payroll processing platform.

Timekeeping Product Features

  • Timekeeping: Captures data from clocks, calculate multiple rates, accruals, and keeps an audit trail
  • Scheduling: Easy setup for any shift, coverage view, templates, early warning, and clock-lockout
  • Overtime Management: Auto-apply overtime or proactively alert as thresholds approach. Flexible calculations and application
  • Payroll Integration: Easy review and approval. Connects data to payroll processing for fewer errors and faster completion

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